Shelby Ausband or South Africa? Reverse the letters and get All Smiles? Whichever you prefer works for me.

1. This would be the cage on the boat that separated me from the Great Whites…

2. PTL for wet suits although I DID get a bit of a brain freeze.

3. Is this the Wild Thornberry’s family vehicle or what?

4. Machiel rocks my little world… seriously though. 

5. So elephants really are cool but not such a pleasant experience for my behind.

6. Sweetest children with the biggest hearts. 

7. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, bungyyyyyyyy! I am not being dramatic like usual, just simply about to jump off a bridge. 

8. Just so you know, for once I was silent because a scream makes no noise when free falling like this.

9. I saw enough kudu to save my life. 

10. Oh just waking up to my favorite thing on earth, the sunset for a morning safari in SA- Life is good. God is great.